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Job Seekers

Juvo finds jobs for you, everywhere you go

Whether you’re driving, walking to school or back at your place – Juvo pings you when a good job opportunity is close by.

Juvo finds work opportunities just minutes away from wherever you are.

  • Earn more money $$
  • Shorten your commute
  • Part-time & full-time positions
Juvo sent me a notification right after I got on the bus. I was able to apply right there on my phone. I got the job, which saved me $12 a day on my commute.


Juvo makes it easy to hire locally.

Juvo is a job assistance app that creates awareness of your job inside your community.
Send Alerts about your job to nearby users.
Seekers passing your location get notified about your job.
create a personal video on your profile
Review a personal video and information from interested candidates.
connect with interested candidates
Connect with the people you’d like to interview for the job.
Arby's uses Juvo for Hiring!
Crunch Fitness uses Juvo for Hiring!