About Us

At Juvo, we’re changing the way America’s 80 million hourly workers find opportunities. Our technology helps people find fulfilling work inside their communities and creates awareness of new local talent that add unique value to companies.

Founded in 2017 by wife and husband team, Debbie and Mark Emery, the Juvo Family is on a mission to create more inclusive local economies.

In 2001, Debbie and Mark had two young children and a thriving HR technology business – but they felt like something was missing. So, they traveled to Romania to welcome two more children into their family: Daniel and Stacie.


Over the next decade, they grew and sold their HR technology company. Daniel and Stacie were diagnosed with some learning and developmental challenges due to their early life living conditions. When Daniel and Stacie entered the workforce as adults, Debbie and Mark noticed how hard it was for people to thrive in hourly employment.

  • It was hard to find enough hours
  • It was hard to find jobs without a long commute
  • It was hard for people with learning and developmental disabilities to find fulfilling work

In 2017, Debbie and Mark decided to find the solution. Juvo combines their 30 years of experience helping thousands of companies hire people and parenting 4 children into adulthood. Juvo connects people with the right hourly position, whether you’re a student, a veteran or an individual with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

Today, the Juvo Family continues to grow, helping hourly workers connect with new opportunities every day.

Emery Family Photo